Contest Rules

1. Contest are open to members only

2. Members only receive points when they are the angler, no points are awared when a 3rd party catches a fish.

3. Points are giving to fish caught during the month in question; all entries must be entered within 120 hours (5 days) of the end of the month. (Deadline = 11:59 pm on the 5th of the following month). NO EXPECTIONS! If entry is edited, the edit date and time becomes the entry date and time.

4. All fish must be caught within the designed boundaries, which are South of Latitude 27.839408 N, North of Latitude 23.800000 N, West of Longitude 80.603105 W, and East of Longitude 85.14875 W. Note: Fish caught without coordinates are considered out of the boundaries and will not be counted.

5. Points are awarded by species, not by size. Fish that are rare or considered challenging are awarded more points than other species.

6. Points are only awarded that have at least one photograph which includes the angler and fish in the same photo. Videos are optional and will add an extra points. Videos and photographs will be reviewed before final prize is awarded.

7. All catches entered will be manually reviewed to ensure that species of fish is correct, fish was caught within the boundries, photograph amd video are valid. Entries that are not validated, will no count.

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