Commercial Listings are listed automatically with Commercial Membership I or II. After registration businesses can select to become Commercial Members by selection BECOME A MEMBER under MEMBER'S SERVICES on the menu. If the Commercial Member supplies Bait and Tackle, Boat Rentals or Fishing Charters then they will become a Commercial Member I or Associated Commercial Member. Such Commercial Members will have seperate listings under the topics previously listed. They will also be auto inserted in the drop down selections on fish stories enteries that will duplicate the fish story index on their profile.

Commercial Members who are not suppliers of Bait and Tackle, Boat Rentals or Fishing Charters will be sepertly listed under ALL BUSINESSES will be known as Commecial Member II. They are not associated with other members Fish Stories but can add their own. Active Commercial Members will also receive a 25% discount all Card Ads and Banner Ads on the website.

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