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Since Wayne Coates Jr could walk and carry a fishing pole he enjoyed heading down the Jersey shore with his Grandfather, Father and Uncle to catch Flounder. In 2002, Wayne moved to Southwest Florida, and living within a few minutes of the Gulf of Mexico, fishing brought a smile to his face. That is until he actually spend hours on the Gulf and got nothing more than a sunburn.

Wayne Coates Jr - 1963

In May of 2011 Wayne engaged in a conversation with a co-worker and friend, Joe Scena, about fishing. Wayne invited Joe on a fishing trip, with the understanding that Joe would show him how you catch fish in Southwest Florida. Knowing more about Technology than fishing, Wayne brought a video camera to capture video notes. Wayne Coates, Sr. also attended.

We had a blast and was catching fish left and right. The video clips were taken back and edited into a series of short clips of us catching fish with a music background. Wayne, Jr. put it on YouTube and Facebook to share with his friends up north. The response was overwhelming. That lead to many more fishing trips and video, and Fishingswfla.com was born.

It got to a point where we were producing a weekly Fishing Report on our YouTube channel, but when your staff and resources are limited, it becames overwhelming and nearly impossible to meet the obligation. We tried to reach out to some of the Fishing Charter Captain's, and was amazed to found out how many there are in the area. Although we got some verbal interest, they talked the talk, but did not walk the walk.

In 2015, Wayne came up with a new idea of creating a Social Media Fishing Page. We wanted to seperate the men from the boys, and the woman from the gals. Learn who is catching what, especially those thousands of charter Captain's who's main goal is to catch tourist. Like anyone, there are those good at their job and other's not so much. I have encountered both, and we plan to help you encounter them too. As the database grows, you will be able to see the true results of where and who are catching fish, see what others have to say, and tell your own fish stories for the world to see.

To use the system, we require a small membership fee, which is not designed for profit and no one makes a salary. All funding is exculsively used for operational costs, contest prizes and chartiable donations.

In closing, putting this all together was not a one person job. I would like to thank Joe Scena, Wayne Coates Sr., Erik Sanchez, Rob Fowler, Fraiser Craig, Tina Coates, Robert Guedon and Brent Scena for their video footage and the hundreds of bait shops, marinas and boat dealers for having our business cards available over the years.

Special Thanks to Joe Scena for designing our logo, does it look like the first three photos below?

Wayne Coates Jr

Joe Scena

Wayne Coates Sr

Erik Sanchez

Rob Fowler

Fraiser Craig

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